How amazing was the weather this weekend?!! While I was enjoying a short break on our balcony in-between fleecing and painting, my thoughts wandered off to a bright future where we’ll be able to enjoy some quality time on a finished and cozy balcony. Even though it’s small, we have big plans. The goal: have a kick-ass awesome outdoor spot with everything we need in reach. A little oasis of peace, in the middle of Ghent.

Step 1: Wooden ceramic tiles & Petite Friture ISO

The plan is simple: a few outdoor design items, some budget-friendly stuff and lots of green. But first things first: a floor! We decided the put wooden ceramic tiles for outdoor use, that look similar to the ones we already have inside — the first step towards a larger feeling balcony. We already found the perfect ones for a great price, so we’ll be ordering them pretty soon and get things started. Of course you also need some furniture. Don’t tell the boyfriend, but I already have some design furniture in mind, like these Petite Friture side tables. (Time will tell if our budget will allow it though… ^^)

cozy-balcony-inspiration-desing-interior-plans-home-to-be-lovelifelovefashionStep 2: Let’s have a seat

Of course it’s hard to get comfortable if you don’t have anything to sit on. To keep things minimalistic it’s important to avoid heavy stuff. Let air and light through, to keep things clean. That’s probably why I love the tables above so much. It checks all those boxes while still looking pretty awesome. For the exact same reason I also have a little crush on the Menu Design WM String Lounge chair. Very hot right now but at the same time, when I think back at the time being a little kid, I can envision a similar chair at my grandparents’ garden. In other words, a classic.cozy-balcony-inspiration-desing-interior-plans-home-to-be-lovelifelovefashion-2

Step 3: Let’s GREEN up

We have a floor, we have side tables and we have something to sit on. Practically, you don’t need anything else besides a cold drink. But for me, adding some green is big must! Luckily Menu has more than the awesome chairs above, they also have these beautiful frames which you can use to keep plants in. Again with the same minimalistic design that lets through air and light. At the same time, our balcony has a rooftop and a small brick wall. And we’re plann(t)ing on using both of them for more pots and plants, to avoid space loss when it comes to square meters. Ferm Living for instance has fun solutions to mount against the wall or attach to a ceiling.

cozy-balcony-inspiration-desing-interior-plans-home-to-be-lovelifelovefashion-3Step 4: Turn these ideas into reality ^^