Whoop whoop! We officially moved about 4 weeks ago and our place is slowly starting to feel like a real home. Even though we still have some things left to do on our list, things are starting to really come together. Time to show the first room and how it once looked.

The Bathroom

I remember a time where I was still designing the piece of furniture for this room while going on a hunt for second-hand mirrored cabinets, like it was only yesterday. Well, my Dad completed the piece and installed it, we found 2 large mirrored cabinets (so we only had to buy a small one in the middle at full price), everything is painted and all the accessories have been carefully picked out after loads of research. ^^ Today, this room is completely finished! Even though we were worried for a long time that this room would be too tight, we kinda succeeded in creating some sort of little design bathroom. #ifIcansaysomyself ^^


Like I said, there wasn’t that much space to begin with, so we really used the every inch we had. My Dad created a piece of furniture that fits nicely in-between the two walls, so we didn’t end up with idle space. With the mirrored cabinets I really wanted to create extra storage space and optimally use the height of the room. It’s really crazy how much stuff fits in these things. Plus, the mirrors make the room feel bigger.


My favorite eye-catchers in the room are these pretty organic bath towels we invested in. Towels are never cheap, or at least not if you want them to do what they should do. Which is really absorbing water. Seeing how this is not something you buy every year, we decided to invest in great ones from the start. These from Ferm Living have the looks, the quality and they are organic. What’s not to like. Definitely check out Trine Andersen by the way — she’s the one who designed these — and for some reason, I seem to love almost every piece she designed for Ferm Living.

They exist in different colours but we went for pink and white. We even developed our own little “system”: the white ones being used by the boyfriend while the pink ones are mine.


project-home-to-be-kleine-badkamer-bucket-list-lovelifelovefashion-bWhat do you think? We did good or not your thing? ^^