Hi you guys! Super excited over here because the countdown towards the keys to our kingdom have officially started. One of the few things left to check off on our to-do list is our bathroom cabinet. This DIY project, for which I made a “design”, will soon come to life thanks to my superhero Dad. #savingmoney But as long as the actual building part doesn’t start, I can’t help myself from searching for ideas I might’ve missed. ^^

Anyway, while searching for inspiration and ideas, I bumped into a a new concept by Van Marcke. As we recently ordered our faucets there, I was curious to see what it was about. And good thing I did! Because there actually launching a new modulair system based on endless flexibility. Finally someone that gets that we do know what we like (and want!) — and now there will be a way to actually make that happen (without bothering handy Dads).

Say hello to Mobilo

Designed by Belgian Designers and completely produced (in Belgium!) by Van Marcke. In other words: 100% Belgian! I think Dads from all over the world will be very thankful for this innovation. ^^mobilo-2

The concept

The idea is simple: you start with a minimalistic base element that you can adjust and/or extend. Once the base is set, you can play with extras in different sizes, colors, materials and finishes. To really make it personalized, you can choose between different handgrips and accessories. It’s basically the ultimate (and affordable!) solution for every home. Something we really were looking for before we eventually decided to make this piece of furniture ourself. Too bad we already ordered the material of our bathroom piece, otherwise, this would’ve been perfect for us!

Cool thing to know! With the Mobilo Designer tool you can make your own bathroom furniture from scratch (together with a Van Marcke employee). In the nearby future, it will also be possible to create it online via the webshop. How awesome is that! I for one can’t wait to give it a try. ^^7-mobilo-van-marcke-collection-1

3_mobilo-limited-edition_van-marcke-collection12_mobilo-limited-edition_van-marcke-collection11_mobilo-limited-edition_van-marcke-collection1 10_mobilo-limited-edition_van-marcke-collection112_mobilo-limited-edition_van-marcke-collection1 11_mobilo-limited-edition_van-marcke-collection1What do you think about this concept? Like the idea and look & feel or do you prefer a more basic piece of furniture? 

Pictures via Van Marcke.