Hi peeps! While we’re working hard to get our living room well uh…liveable, the bedroom and hallway are starting to shape up. Yay! Both rooms have been painted and the bedroom actually has a bed in it now and a beautiful built-in closet with awesome DIY doors. The time has come to start the hunt for those few special items to make both rooms feel bigger than they actually are.

Our appartement is rather compact, so the key is playing with MIRRORS to reflect light and space. A perfect way to create the feeling everything is larger than meets the eye. It’s a little trick I saw already a couple of times in different interior magazines with before and after pictures. And let me tell you, mirrors do magical things if you use them correctly. ^^ I already have an idea in mind for both rooms. Curious?

The bedroom

#1: makeup corner

For this room we actually want 2 mirrors. The first one being a small version for my little makeup-corner-to-be, so I can do my makeup using daylight. A beautiful mirror would be something that makes this little me-corner complete and extra practical. I’m still doubting between the Pepe Marble mirror by Menu, the MOEBE Mirror or the (and I just recently found this new crush of mine): the Flip mirror designed by Javier Moreno Studio for Normann Copenhagen. I’m a big fan of all 3 of them but the last one seems the most practical one for the purpose I have in mind. Especially with the integrated tray and flexibility of the mirror. Plus they have plenty of choice when it comes to colors and it’s still affordable. ^^


#2 Closet area

The second mirror for the bedroom would be a big one near the closet. We now have a temporarily mirror, but its dimensions aren’t a perfect fit. Next to using it for checking outfits, I would also love it to reflect the window from across the room.

Reflecting light = great. Reflecting a window = even better!

I had my eye on this minimalistic one (right one below) for a while, but I recently came across this Kaschkasch mirror, also by Menu. Because of the smart design you can really create a separate “zone” or easily place it in an otherwise lost corner. Practical meets beauty.


We already know one thing for sure: the hallway needs a big round mirror! The bigger the better. We really wanna use it as the eye catcher of this room. The first thing you see when you walk in.

We first had the HAY strap mirror in mind because the simplicity of it. But seeing how it can even be a little quirky and with it becoming a nice statement piece, the Francis mirror by Petite Friture or the Notre Monde Clear Mirror by Dawn Sweitzer seems so much better now. Personally I really really really love the Petite Friture one the most. It’s not only a mirror but it’s also a little piece of art in my eyes. Only, we don’t use blue anywhere. So not sure if it’s really the perfect one for our interior? If they would have a green version, I would click it in my shopping bag right away. :D #hintdesign-spiegels-misterdesign-rond-interieur-lovelifelovefashon


What do you think of our plans? If you have extra tips for us, I would love to hear them!! Oh, and see anything you like?