Over the years, I have often felt butterflies when spotting specific interior items. You know the feeling right? Those same “oohh I want one”-jitters you get when you see Ryan Reynolds in a nice suit. Sometimes, that feeling only lasts a couple of weeks, while others are clearly the real deal. And let’s just say we often had that feeling with items from the brand Menu. Yes, I think I can call myself a real fan addict. For those who are curious to discover some of their awesome interior items, I’ve made a short lost with my 5 all-time favorites. (Don’t let that stop you from checking our their other items though.)

1. POV Wall candle holder

Design and coziness in one blow. That’s right, I’ve been in love with the simple yet sophisticated design of this candle holder. A candle holder for your wall… such a clever way of adding coziness to a room without sacrificing space. And yet I never thought that far. We have some at home — in black — but for our all-white bedroom I would love a white one. Coziness in the bedroom is just as important.


2.  Norm floor mirror

Simplicity, elegance and a touch of attitude. That’s how I would describe this floor mirror of Menu. Rounded edges, a thin minimalistic frame and a sturdy leather strap for those who prefer to hang the mirror on a hook. A handsome example of a simple mirror transformed into a clever piece of design!


3.  Towl ladder

You should’ve seen it coming. Scandinavian minimalism just like the Menu floor mirror, but on top of being beautiful, it’s also super practical. Hopefully I can score this one day with a nice discount! #fingerscrossed We wouldn’t be using it in the bathroom though… due to lack of space (#minibathroom). But it would perfectly serve in the bedroom as a magazine/favorite accessory/clothing holder.

By the way, just imagine how perfect this one would look next to the floor mirror. #sigh


4. My Spot organizer

In case you didn’t notice yet, Menu items are one by one beautiful, minimalistic and yet practical. This cute wall organizer is another perfect example. ‘Simply’ a wire with a weight that can be attached to the wall in three places and voila. Ready for your most fun vacation photos, cards or your own creations. Oh, there is also a black/white version… ;)


5. Pepe Marble Spiegel

The Pepe Marble Mirror is designed by Studio Pepe for Menu. And that’s unfortunately reflected on the price tag. But come on, how beautiful is this mirror..! The beautiful lines of the marble, that golden edge, the ability to tilt the mirror… It’s the holy grail of all mirrors. ^^


Picture left via studiopepe, right via designstuff.com.au

Are you also a fan of menu? Or do you have another favorite brand?

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