No matter if you’re renovating, building something from scratch or simply moving into your new little kingdom… lighting is something many of us forget to think about. Understandable — there are tons of other decisions to be made along the way and to be fair, choosing the appropriate lighting for each room is quite the challenge. Once you finally know what you want, you still have that painful price tag to keep in mind. #firstworldproblems

Because we had to decide quite early in the process where we wanted our light fixtures and how many, we were forced to start thinking about the many options upfront. (Looking back on it, not a bad call.) Despite what you might be thinking, a light fixture in the middle of your kitchen or living area is in reality not always the best decision. On top of that, we also had the height of our ceiling as extra factor to keep in mind, forcing us to get creative. After all, we want to make sure that we’ll have enough light throughout the whole place. Nobody likes to live in a dark box, right? (Expect Schrödinger’s cat.)

Living area


left: via Light Online | Middle: via Lightfactory | right: via Interiorjunkie

What did we decide? After tons of research on Pinterest and eating interior magazines for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we decided to go for a rail system throughout the complete living area. This allows us to aim spots in order to be able to put different elements or the high ceiling into, uuh well, the spotlight. At the sitting area — the place where the ceiling will be on its highest (about 6m!), we’ve foreseen an extra light fixture for a beautiful eye-catcher. I talked about the Vertigo lamp before, and this beauty is still on top of our mind. Probably the white version to keep it all soft and neutral.

Above the dining table we will go for 3 very simple lightbulbs. Either with a wooden holder or maybe marble? I’m not sure. Which material would you prefer?



left: DIY Ikea hack Pinterest | Right: Anna Kern via skö

The bedroom will all be about affordable options and some good old-fashion DIY creativity. A little rope, a few lightbulbs, metal or wood as a holder and there will be light. An easy but pretty bedside lamp that’s practically positioned and a similar idea for the general lighting in this room to make it complete is all we need for this place.


small-home-to-be-verlichting-lightning-inspiration-home-high-ceiling-hoog-plafond-creatief-oplossing-opties-marmer-lightbulb-lovelifelovefashion-3Left: all by MisterDesign | right: via MadAboutTheHouse

So, a little recap:

Throughout the complete living area we will go for a rail system with different spots. Above the dining table, a couple of wooden or marble lightbulbs will create a cozy atmosphere (how pretty are these of &tradition by the way) and a massive eye-catcher will be positioned right above the sitting area (my love for the Vertigo keeps going strong). For the bedroom, creativity and simplicity will be key. A couple of white ropes with perhaps an accent color like the ones of Frama you can see above and that’s it.

Another cool solution for those who don’t have a light fixture but do lack some extra light is a wall lamp, like on the picture above. Just mount it close to a power socket et voila. The Vitra Potence wall lamp is a nice example. But it comes with a high price. Did someone say ice? Nope … price. (Okay, lame one. But now I do feel like eating ice cream.)

What do you guys think? Fun ideas? Or are we making a huge mistake? ^^

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