Let me get straight to the point: I’m madly in love with Kay Bojesen’s wooden animals. There it is, the cat’s monkey’s out of the bag.

Often the most playful interior items are the ones that turn your house into a home. And to me, these adorable animals are the perfect way to achieve just that. On top of that they’re a clever piece of craftsmanship. Most impressive. I’ve always had a thing for massive wooden elements; and the attention to detail in these pieces is simply amazing. So getting one for our home is one that is high up on our wish list.

Which begs the question: which one?! Because yeah, choosing is losing. ^^

My favorite? Hard to say. But I do have a clear preference for the natural ones (they also come in various colors). It’s a hard time choosing between these three:

Monkey aka King Louis

Available in 3 sizes and you can do all sort of things with it. This monkey likes to hang around on cupboards, cloth hanger, your bed, your desktop monitor … you name it.

My boyfriend already came up with a name in case we’d ever buy it: King Louis. KL for the friends. ^^ And whenever you have visitors over, you can secretly change its location during the time they ‘re there. :D


Photo left via elisabethheier.no – middle via noepahjertet.com – right via mydubio.com

Love birds

Call me sentimental, but the name alone makes me mooshy on the inside. And on top of all things, you get two birds with one stone for the price of one. Good things do come in pairs, whatta you know! And let’s be honest here, a pile of books instantly looks much nicer with these love birds on top.


Photo left stylizimoblog.com | right via elisabethheier.no


So here’s the thing: I like hippos. Ever since our trip to South Africa a couple of years ago, I never looked at them the same. They have this cool and cute vibe about them. Unfortunately they’re really dangerous in real life. This small wooden version is about the only safe way to have on around. 


Photo left stylizimoblog.com | right via trendenser.se

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