Imagine the life being sucked out of your body. We’ve all had those days. For me, when this happens, it’s generally on a grey and wet day. And although it’s officially summer here in Belgium, you would rather think it’s full-on Fall. Hello rain and wind, I really don’t like you.

Fortunately, there are always things to think of that are fun to do, even on depressing and rainy days. Watching a new movie under a pile of blankets and pillows for instance. But, the bf and I still have plenty to do’s on our agenda seeing how our home-to-be project is still ongoing. The biggest to-do being constantly refining our interior plans.

To brighten up the day at least a little, my thoughts wandered of towards fun ways to bring some nature into our future apartment.

To me, there’s very little that kickstarts my day more than getting up and seeing/smelling beautiful flowers on the table. Or also fun (and cheaper than buying fresh flowers every week): experiment with different plants in various formats and shapes. But no flowers and plants without great holders to put them in! Of course there is always the obvious option to simply rely on a simple vase. But even better is to add these little pieces of nature into a beautiful holder. Yeah, you can guess where I’m going with this, don’t you. ;)

1. Geometric

20 browser tabs later (am I the only one doing this?) it was pretty clear I have a preference for geometric vases and pots. They are often simplistic and plain in color but by the playful geometric shapes they immediately give off a boost of character. Very nice on its own or in combination with other geometrical models in different sizes, colors and materials.

A couple of awesome models are these from Pepe Heykoop, Muuto and Ferm Living. Which one is your favorite?


Next to geometric gems, I have developed a weakness for transparent vases and flower pots. Not the regular transparent vases but the colorful variations and preferably in pastel shades or green. My love for these is one that has grown slowly and got mainly established because of the botanical trend that you nowadays see everywhere. Even though it’s currently a big trend, it really remains a classic choice and a timeless piece.

Both pastel shades or green grass are really gorgeous in a bright and light interior. Exactly what we ultimately want. And the subtle shades of color ensure that a bright/white place gets that homely feeling we all really want.

Good examples and big favorite are the Elevated and Silent Vases of Muuto. True classics in their category. small-vazen-pastel-mint-pink-roze-muuto-ferm-living-Studio-Pepe-Heykoop-interieur-inspiratie-lovelifelovefashion-2

3. Minimalistic

Concerning plants, my all-time favorite remains this gorgeous sleek planter from Ferm Living. Ever since I came across this beauty, I’ve not spotted another one that gets me equally excited. Now, that doesn’t mean there are no other beautiful options of course. But hey, why search further when prince charming is standing right in front of you? It’s available in multiple soft colors, so you can mix and match as much as you want. 


left: via via nordiskehjem

Oh, another great benefit of investing in pretty pots and vases? Even without flowers or plants they can look beautiful in your home! You can even get creative and fill them up with fun accessories. Christmas decoration or lights during the end of year, candy when it’s Halloween or fruit if you’re too lazy to wash out that fruit basket. Because hey, why not!?

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Cover picture via Frida Ramstedt,