Oh, yes, we’ve been busy the past few weeks!So time for another behind the scenes article.


It seems like a stupid little detail, but we’ve been looking forward to this for weeks!!Especially during those hot summer days.Temperatures were going through the roof, because we have quite a few windows in the living area.Anyway, because curtains is something that can be expensive, we’ve been searching for a nice price/quality deal ànd a good service.After months of searching, we eventually found a suited store just around to corner of where we live!#phewAnother way to save ourselves some money is by coming up with a genius idea (if I may say so myself ^^). How?I’m glad you ask!We basically installed a rail system connecting the window of the dining room with the windows of the TV area.I then measured the entire distance and divided it up in such a way that we have enough fabric to either close the curtains in the TV area OR the dinning area.

(Hence why we needed to find a store which was able to think along and offer good advice.) And let’s not forget: less fabric means less €€€ and more light.In our previous home we had such a large window that still lost half its view outside, when we opened the curtains up.And the more window stays visible, the spacier a room feels.

project-home-to-be-eetkamer-interieur-wit-hout-bucket-list-lovelifelovefashion-6-smallVelux Windows

Step 2 of keeping things cool during summer is finding a solution for our velux windows.We have two of those that give us that amazing extra light.Great on any average day, not that much when you have temperatures around 30° degrees 2 weeks in a row.^^ The only problem we have for these is that those windows aren’t easily accessible because of the height.So we’re still searching for the perfect solution within our budget.Tips are very welcome!;)project-home-to-be-eetkamer-interieur-wit-hout-bucket-list-lovelifelovefashion-small

Makeup corner

Aaah, this corner … one of my favorites … Even though I only spend 10 minutes here on any given day, I enjoy those 10 minutes so much.^^ 10 minutes of me time.Because I wanted something different I asked my Dad to make the floating table top slantwise.I gave it a layer of paint and that was that.Beautiful, isn’t it!project-home-to-be-make-up-hoekje-DIY-interieur-wit-hout-bucket-list-lovelifelovefashion-5-small