Hiya guys, a couple of weeks have passed since my first ‘project home-to-be’ update. And even though we’re only able to work in the weekends; I think enough has been done in the meanwhile for a new sneak peek recap. ^^

Bedroom vibes

Because both my Dad and the boyfriend’s Dad got sick a few weeks ago, the bigger to do stuff got put on hold for a few days. But seeing we finally have bedroom floors and the baseboards have been placed, we did the only thing there was left to do (#NotReally #PlentyOfWork): installing the wardrobe!

Not really high on the priority list but we both felt liking doing something more fun for a change. And shopping to get everything we needed to get this done was something I’ve been looking forward to for a long long time. IKEA, here we come!

Now, we do have to admit that it was more work than expected to get the closet installed. But we’re really happy with the result and that’s all that matters in the end. Right? ^^ The only thing left to do is create doors that run from all the way up to the floor. Creating some kind of build-in effect.

home-to-be-project-work-bedroom-closet-ikea-pax-budget-painting-recap-saving-money-HAY-BOSS-paints-floors-white-lovelifelovefashion-1bhome-to-be-project-work-bedroom-closet-ikea-pax-budget-painting-recap-saving-money-HAY-BOSS-paints-floors-white-lovelifelovefashion-2bCloset doors-to-be… Sanding our future closet doors before they get a layer of white/transparant paint. Or would you keep them as is? I’m still not sure!


While we’re slowly getting there with the bedroom, I couldn’t help myself from creating a little cozy corner with some stuff we already moved.

Big eye-catcher of the party is our brand new Loop Stand Hall clothing hanger.

I’ve always loved this type of design clothing hangers design clothing hangers. Only downside? Most of the available models out there are simply too large for people with limited space. So not matter how pretty one may be, always keep your available space in mind to avoid a claustrophobic or bombastic feeling. Personally, we like to keep it light and clean. ^^

Now, imagine our enthusiasm when we spotted this one from HAY. Available in white (our number one priority on the checklist), not too small and more important: not too large. It also has a beautiful minimalistic design, high quality and a unique design. In other words … just perfect! Not only is it practical (hello, tomorrow’s outfit), it simply looks pretty and a little fashionable in a certain way. And how smart is the 3-legs idea! We love that the designer decided to step away from the regular models and decided to use 3 legs instead of 2 or 4. It easily allows you to put the hanger in a corner without losing too much space. Kuddos to Leif Jorgensen for this fine piece of craftsmanship! ^^

bedroom-work-in-progress-part-HAY-Loop-kapstok-clothing-corner-ghent-new-york-poster-map-home-interior-lovelifelovefashion-2 bedroom-work-in-progress-part-HAY-Loop-kapstok-clothing-corner-ghent-new-york-poster-map-home-interior-lovelifelovefashion-3

Bathroom tiles

Last weekend we could finally go and pick-up the backsplash tiles we ordered for our bathroom. We went for little hexagon marble tiles and were lucky to have been able to buy them at a 40% discount! #whoopwhoop They were just what our little bathroom needed to get some extra character. Hopefully we can grout our new backsplash next weekend and connect our faucets with the water mains. All what’s left after that for this room is the fun part… decorating!


In the meanwhile, we keep wallpapering and painting where we can. The living area and kitchen remains to be a challenge because of the high walls. But we can proudly say that the kitchen is officially covered with wallpaper and we can start painting. But that… that will be a job for next weekend!

home-to-be-project-work-bedroom-closet-ikea-pax-budget-painting-recap-marble-tiles-hexagon-backsplash-impermo-white-lovelifelovefashion-5Carpet struggle

Oh! Before I forget… Last week we spotted two carpets we absolutely adore in a webshop I recently discovered (vloerkledenwinkel.nl). The number of choices they have is really impressive! So it was kinda our last resort. But while it was a struggle to find one we just liked in the first place, it now became a struggle to pick the perfect one for our home-to-be. So I need your input, which one do you prefer? Left or right?


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