For months now, I’ve been sharing our crazy ideas and plans for our home-to-be here up on the blog. Call it my way not going crazy of keeping myself busy during the long wait of almost 2 years… 2 years is after all a long time and a big challenge for someone with little patience. ^^

But we made it!! Last month, we experienced D-DAY. We finally got the keys to our very own place!! #whoopwhoop #homeowners

Time to turn those plans and ideas into reality. Starting with the basics!


Installing a kitchen

Everyone needs a kitchen. Too bad kitchens are f*ing expensive!! We decided to call on the expert skills of my Dad. He’s a carpenter and agreed to make our kitchen during the last few months of the wait. Completely the way I designed it on paper. It was a lot of work, and sure, it’s not 100% perfect. Sometimes there was even a little struggling going on and a few redo’s… but we saved ourself tons of money, it’s 100% custom made & most important: made with love! #SuperHeroDad

Obviously there’s still some work left that needs to happen to really finalise the kitchen, but at least we now have one!

home-to-be-project-work-kitchen-tips-budget-painting-recap-saving-money-van-marcke-boss-paint-colora-floors-white-lovelifelovefashion-2We’re also soooo in love with our back splash. It looks like marble but they’re actually ceramic tiles. Much cheaper and super easy in maintenance (unlike real marble). Double win! We still need to grout them though. This should make the fine lines in between the different tiles disappear. Super curious to see the end result. ^^

home-to-be-project-work-kitchen-tips-budget-painting-recap-saving-money-van-marcke-boss-paint-colora-floors-white-lovelifelovefashion-7home-to-be-project-work-kitchen-tips-budget-painting-recap-saving-money-van-marcke-boss-paint-colora-floors-white-lovelifelovefashion-1And how pretty is our kitchen tap? We’ve been searching for a perfect one for almost a year (damn there are some u.g.l.y faucets out there) until we spotted this one by Zuchetti at Van Marcke!! #LoveAtFirstSight Simple, elegant and white. Everything we wanted! (Super awesome monkey not included.)

Bedroom floor

We decided during the building process to take care of the bedroom floor ourself. Partially because of budget reasons, but also… well, tiles in a bedroom aren’t that cozy and warm. They’re pretty cold to walk on. And let that be something I don’t really like for a/my bedroom space.

We’ve searched and searched for the perfect white yet warm looking wooden floors and eventually found it last year. The floor is called Endless Beauty and it has been laying in my parents’ garage for soooo long, but now it finally lays were it belongs. Looking perfect as hell!

Non-woven wall cover & painting

We had some experts come over from Colora, to help us out with everything we needed to know regarding to our walls & ceilings. Are our walls dry enough to start painting? Which primer to use for each material? Which paint? Choosing the right white… you name it, they knew it. The best tip we got was to use wall covers (some kind of wallpaper that covers up uneven bumps and little cracks). Perfect for newbuilds, seeing how some cracks are meant to appear sooner or later. And nothing feels worse than seeing those appear in newly painted walls…

My Father-in-law already had experience in applying wall covers. So after teaching us the ropes, the boyfriend and I had a little try-out in the toilet (that sounds weirder than I wanted it too #sorry). After passing the test, we went on to the bathroom while my Dad and the boyfriend’s Dad did our bedroom. If everything goes well, by tomorrow, all three rooms should be painted too. Using wall covers and a great primer really makes the difference… we only need to apply one topcoat to achieve that perfect coverage!! #PaintingLikeABossWithBOSSpaints



Having tall friends come in handy in times like these. ^^ #NoFightsForTheLadder


That’s it for now! Having a week off between the holidays, with friends and family helping out, made it possible to really get lots of work done in just a few weeks time. But we still need to do a whole lot more when we’re back at work, so everything will probably slow down a little. But hey, we’ll get there! Sooner or later. ^^

Stay tuned and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!