Those who follow our Home-To-Be adventure have probably heard me talk about it already: that long narrow wall in the living area where we had quite some trouble with. Well, that long narrow wall has finally taken shape, on paper anyway. Yay!

Our plan? We will work with simple wall shelves. Some in wood, some in marble. But none of them will be the same. They will all vary in length and depth. We hope to create a fun and playful vibe with this where each shelve will have its own purpose.


Considering we still need to kill some time before we can actually start rolling up our sleeves, we can already dream about the decoration for these shelves. Granted, there are tons of options when it comes to cute accessories, making it sometimes a challenge to create a peaceful atmosphere. The key therefore lies in careful selecting the right and best things.

1. Less is more

No idea if I’m alone in this, but what I often have is that I simply put too much on such a wall shelf. Even though I’m actually a “less is more” kinda lady I really struggle with this.

So, note to self and others with the same problem: choose your cutest stuff and store the rest somewhere still in reach. Not easy, I know, but it has its advantages too. Not only will the items that did get their spot in your interior get the attention it deserves, you can easily change things up by taking out something different out of your closet (without actually buying something new).

small-wandplank-accessoires-decoratie-spullen-helsinki-radio-design-scandinavisch-home-interior-marmer-hout-muuto-ferm-living-Studio-Pepe-Heykoop-interieur-inspiratie-lovelifelovefashion-1Pic via

2. Wood vs Marble

Personally I prefer items within the same color palette. Soft and light. To make sure things don’t get boring, we wanna bring back some marble items on the wooden shelves – and some wooden decoration stuff on the marble shelves. Again to make it more playful.

Beautiful marble options I already spotted are the & Tradition table lamp, the marble candle holders of Menu and the Mellis Bowl. I’m also a huge fan of the Pepe Marble Mirror. Just look at it! Isn’t it perfection!?

For those wooden accessories, the Kay Bojesen animals or the wooden Hay Hand have become true classics. Both beautiful. Also fun is a wooden candleholder. Cozy vibes guaranteed once you light up those candles.

small-wandplank-accessoires-decoratie-spullen-helsinki-radio-design-scandinavisch-home-interior-marmer-hout-muuto-ferm-living-Studio-Pepe-Heykoop-interieur-inspiratie-lovelifelovefashion-2Prefer more color? Then go for complementary colors or go for tone on tone. Works every time.

3. Eye catcher

An eye catcher is always fun. Very nice (and practical) is the Vifa Helsinki speaker. They come in beautiful pastel colors but also have a-m-a-z-i-n-g green one. Which color do you like the most?


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4. Books and plants

A wall shelf without books and plants is like a baby without a diaper. Not okay. Some beautiful or interesting books and nice plants are those little finishing-touch details in a home. So don’t forget to give them a spot on your shelves. Oh, it’s also fun to put some nice candles on top of a stack of books.


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5. Positioning

Once you have collected all those fun things, you obviously want to make sure you can present them in a nice way. To do so, it’s important to think and experiment a little with the positioning and arranging of those items. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article: don’t overdo it. Also, avaoid setting things up like it’s an altar. What always works great is to group items and avoid pairs. Uneven always works better. This creates balance without working symmetrically. As a graphic designer I could go on for hours about this, but let’s not. I would like for you to come back to the blog. ^^

Do you have any fun items that are a must for wall shelves?

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