I have to admit: I have a weak spot for all things soft. Blankets, pillows, scarfs, fluffy hats or beanies… you name it. Fluffy lolcats = kryptonite.

It’s those little fluffy details that can make your home feel cozy. A bit of texture, color or patterns can do wonders for a room. Every room. From soft towels and a nice bathrobe in the bathroom, to a fun blanket on the couch, or a stack of dreamy pillows on your bed (to the annoyance of the boyfriend). It’s those things that make a house feel like a home. And it’s a good way to express yourself by adding your mark on a room.

So specially for you guys: some of my favorite soft stuff. Now we only need a bed and a couch to add ‘m. Oh yeah, and a finished apartment. #tinydetail

Carpet cozyness

Oooh this Trenzas carpet… so so pretty! Add it to a living room and it makes a sitting area a whole lot cozier in the blink of an eye. Wouldn’t you agree? We have been looking for a nice carpet for quite a while now and spotting this beauty turned into an instant hit. Love at first sight. If we’ll actually be able to still afford it once our Home-To-Be project is getting closer to the finish line… That’s another story. ^^ Fingers crossed!


Blankets for the win

You have some of those homes where you can find a blanket anytime, anywhere. I hate to admit it, but we’re those people. First thing I (often) do when I come home after a long day at work is to jump in my PJs and relax for a few minutes on the couche with a blanket. Not because I’m cold, just because it’s a cozy feeling to wrap yourself into a cute blanket. And yes, this also happens when it’s quite hot outside. (Stop judging already!)

This grey one of Ferm Living is a blanket that I can see perfectly laying on our couch. Cool detail: there’s also a smaller version. Perfect for the little mini-you if  you have one of those walking around. (Or several.)


picture right: via prismme

Pillow overload

“How many pillows can a human being own?” ~ the boyfriend. Uuh, I dunno, women just like to change things up once in a while I suppose. Just like we do with our wardrobe? And in our defense, they come in so many fun colors, prints and fabrics … It’s hard to resist those little clouds.

My all-time favorite remain the HAY ones. Pink and mint. Cute as a bun. These from Ferm Living at the other hand make sure you can add a little pop of color. The combination of the two seems entirely awesome and perfect.

small-zachte-hebbedingen-HAY-puzzel-pastel-mint-pink-ferm-living-misterdesign-interieur-inspiratie-lovelifelovefashionHeavenly linens

Going to sleep in beautiful linen is always more fun. Some people prefer bright trendy colors, but personally I prefer soft neutral colors. Ideal for creating that relaxed atmosphere. To avoid it being boring, there are plenty of fun options. Nice geometric prints is one of them.

small-zachte-hebbedingen-beddengoed-bedlaken-ferm-living-teepee-harlequin-misterdesign-interieur-inspiratie-lovelifelovefashionDo you also have such a weakness for all things soft? Or do you prefer clean and simple?

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Cover picture via: norskeinteriorblogger.no