Finally! Spring has arrived. That warmth on our face last weekend made the boyfriend a me wonder off to thoughts about sunny springs and summers-to-come in our home-to-be. Until we realized we had absolutely no idea what to do with one place in our future home: our balcony.

Seeing how our appartement is going to be rather small, I should probably not tell you that our balcony will be… well let’s call it compact. Compact but cozy. That’s the plan. Because what we lack in space, we’ll make up for with good vibes. Making sure it becomes breakfast-proof. Aaah, eating outside on a sunny morning… epic!

For those who are following my Home-To-Be project posts, the theme might be pretty clear by now. Lots of white/bright shades and minimalistic items that make each room look bigger and airy. The same style we want to continue outside.

1. Houe Click Rocking Chair vs Arper Leaf Lounge Chair

Either if it’s to read, enjoy the sun on your face or simply to catch a breath and empty your head… it all starts with a comfortable chair to get you installed for a couple of hours.

To make that possible, we are strubbeling with a little dilemma: do we go for the ergonomic comfort that the Houe Click Rocking Chair has to offer, or will we go for the awesome minimalistic design that is called the Arper Leaf Lounge Chair? The second option has a higher price tag but would blend in better and take up less attention, keeping things clean. While on the other hand the Houe Click Rocking Chair allows us to really get into lazy-patato mode on a sunny day.

Which one do you prefer/like the most?

small-balcony-terras-stad-ideetjes-oplossingen-inspiratie-tuin-interieur-tips-kleine-schommelstoel-huoe-lovelifelovefashionleft + right: via

small-balcony-terras-stad-ideetjes-oplossingen-inspiratie-tuin-interieur-tips-kleine-Arper-leaf-lounge-chair-fauteuil-lovelifelovefashion-2left: via Misterdesign | Right: via masserialchimia_fasano

2. Nordal happy kruk outdoor vs HAY DLM

Once we found our 2 chair-candidates, the next step was finding a matching side-table. A small one where you can leave a few little things like a cellphone, that cold drink and a magazine, is more than enough for us. For now we’re doubting between one of Nordal and a HAY one. Djeez, who would’ve thought that this little place outside would bring us so many hard decions. ^^


left: via Misterdesign | Right: via

small-balcony-terras-stad-ideetjes-oplossingen-inspiratie-tuin-interieur-tips-kleine-DIYnordal-happy-kruk-outdoor-lovelifelovefashionLeft + right: via vtwonen

3. Ferm Living plant box

Okay! — Enough doubts! This one was an item we both fell in love with right away. Yes, I’m talking about these super gorgeous plant boxes of Ferm Living, which are perfect to add a little nature to every room in the house. An absolute must for us to make it really feel like home is adding some pots and plants all over the place. This beauty is long but thin allowing us to add more green outside than we would’ve ever hoped for without giving up valuable space. We like love!!

small-balcony-terras-stad-ideetjes-oplossingen-inspiratie-tuin-interieur-tips-kleine-ferm-living-plantenbak-lovelifelovefashionleft: via via nordiskehjem | right: via Misterdesign

4. Ferm Living Hexagon pot

A house that’s too static is neither cozy nor homely. For that we need those little extra’s. The finishing touches. The same logic can be applied to outdoor places. And these Ferm Living flower pots would be the perfect addition to transform our small and simple balcony to a little oasis of peace. They exist in many different colors and sizes so you can mix and match to your believing. Don’t mind if I do! ^^ Place them in sets of 3 next to the plant boxes of above or add a small variant on the side table… And add a plant of course. ^^ Either way. Cozy vibes guaranteed!


left + right: via Misterdesign

Are you also looking forward to breakfast outside with the sun on your face? 

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