Hiya guys! Last week we received an item on our doorsteps that I wanted for ages… a beautiful design magazine holder. Maybe you don’t get my enthusiasm right away, I mean, a magazine rack… what’s so special about that, right? But you just wait, because I think many of you can relate to that feeling you get when you go through a newly bought magazine, while curling op on your couch with a soft blanket. For me, it’s really some quality time with me, myself and I. From the moment I flip the first page, I get in this little cocoon while getting inspired. Once you’re finished, you leave that magazine close to your bed or couch for a few days because you just know you’ll wanna go through it again. And even if you’re really done with it, you can’t throw it away. So many information, such pretty pictures and inspiring layouts.

It’s feels strange to throw out something that took so much time to create… And if we’re really honest, a stack of magazines just makes a house feel more homey.

Anyway, keeping all those magazines can get a little messy over time. So we really wanted a nice looking way to keep the most recent ones close while the older ones get their own special spot. The search for a pretty magazine holder wasn’t easy. Either they were too small, they didn’t have the right color or they were simply to cry about (read: fugly ^^). Until I spotted the new collection of Normann Copenhagen. After browsing a little I came across the Analog magazine rack. Simple yet elegant, large enough to hold enough magazines, playfulness created by lines and perforated metal and WHITE! Me likey! It might be a little pricey, but I get why. The designer (Simon Legald) really payed attention to detail and functionality meets design was clearly high on his priority list. It’s also pretty heavy so it can really keep many magazines. And more importantly: it can keep your favourite magazines safe while the handles make sure you can still easily transport the entire thing without everything falling apart. Always handy for those who like to mix up their interior once in a while or when you need to clean.

home-to-be-interior-design-Normann-Copenhagen-Analog-Tijdschriftenrek_magazine-rack_lovelifelovefashion-1 home-to-be-interior-design-Normann-Copenhagen-Analog-Tijdschriftenrek_magazine-rack_lovelifelovefashion-2Are you someone who keeps all their magazines? What are your tips & tricks to make sure that pile doesn’t keep growing?