There is no denying… Fall is on its way and it’s time to kiss summer goodbye.Although many people don’t look forward to this season, I can see the beauty of it.Trees losing their leafs, movie nights while you hear the rain outside or enjoying those sunny Fall days with that cold wind that makes you feel extra alive.Those days are awesome if you can spend them in your garden or on your balcony.Especially when you add some Menu design to the party.Because I can really enjoy those sunny but cold days like crazy, the boyfriend and I started looking for a heat solution that is balcony friendly.Because nothing makes those sunny Fall days better than being able to stay outside long after the sun is gone again.And yes, I’m someone who is cold very fast and starts nagging about it. ^^

Menu Outdoor design

If you’re searching for a beautiful oil lamp, you quickly end up browsing through the outdoor design furniture department.But we really want our balcony to have the same look and feel as inside.It’s after all an extension of our living room.Or that’s at least how we see it.And I get it, if I say design, you automatically think €€€.Luckily there are plenty of affordable options in the design department as well.Like the one we eventually picked: the Wire Disc Oil Lamp by Menu Design.It’s no secret I have a weak spot for this brand.

But can you blame me… they always find a way to charm me with their simplistic designs.

Extra coziness

If you still have doubts about the price, don’t forget it also works as an outdoor design light solution.So 2 in 1!^^ Heath and light = extra coziness.We decided rather quickly.Fire got the boyfriend convinced in a heartbeat (men are so easy), the design and idea of reading a magazine outside while feeling to heat got me convinced.Everybody happy.Even when we’re not using it, it makes or balcony extra pretty as it is beautiful to look at!Menu-Wire-Disc-Lamp-Oil-Garden-outside-design-heat-olielamp-gezellig-cozy-home-inspiration-lovelifelovefashion-1 Menu-Wire-Disc-Lamp-Oil-Garden-outside-design-heat-olielamp-gezellig-cozy-home-inspiration-lovelifelovefashion-2 Menu-Wire-Disc-Lamp-Oil-Garden-outside-design-heat-olielamp-gezellig-cozy-home-inspiration-lovelifelovefashion-3How are you feeling about Fall?Looking forward to it or not really?If not, maybe start thinking about making your garden/balcony fall-proof and you’ll see, that outside live doesn’t necessarily need to stop with the arrival of a new season. ;)