Hi guys, meet one of my all-time favorite Danish interior brands: Menu! Their philosophy is simple: they wanna make the world better, less complicated and a little nicer to wake up to. What makes this brand so strong in my eyes, is the fact that they work with super-talented designers and creative individuals from all over the world. This way, you get a nice mixture of styles and ideas while they still all fit within the brand perfectly.

They always come up with clever solutions for modern living & always go for high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. Each and every item they design — even the most banal ones — is done in such a way that it seems so effortless and clean. Even though the interplay of lines and shapes is clearly thought through. And that’s probably my number one reason I love so many items of their collection. The minimalistic vibe yet playfulness created by linework or the combination of beautiful materials.

It’s just one of those brands that doesn’t only create design accessories or design furniture that look nice on film… No, if you’re holding or standing in front of it, the eye for detail and perfection is remarkable. And they always go for practicality, which isn’t unimportant. Because after all, paying for design stuff is one thing. But paying for practical design thingies is so much more worth it.

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To give you an idea which items I would copy/paste into my own home, below is a selection of my favorites. The Wire Base is available in 3 heights in both black and white & you have different “toppings”. A white or black marble top, a white or black plant holder or a black oil lamp. I love the simplicity and modular approach of these “side tables/plant holders”.

sweeper & funnel is something so silly that everyone has but most of the times it ends up far away at the back of a closet. Why not go for a pretty and functional one and leave it in sight. Exactly the reason why we ordered this one some days ago. #whoopsIdiditagain

Besides: white and wood = my favorite combination

That’s also why I like this towel holder so much. The thin frame and wooden towel holders are also perfect to hang some magazines, your favorite scarfs or some pieces of jewellery. The options are really endless. ^^ The reason that the candle holder and especially the mirror is high on my wish list is easy: white marble and 100% elegance.

The cutting board and pepper & salt grinder are both items we would love to have in our kitchen. Green and wooden details are already a big winner, but the shape of these makes them extra beautiful and stylish. I’m still doubting wether or not to order the pepper & salt grinder… I’ve been eyeballing on it for months now. (A bit like I do with Ryan Reynolds.) What do you think? (About the pepper & salt grinder I mean. ^^)
MENU-lovelifelovefashion-design-interior-favorite-lovelifelovefashion-misterdesign-1. Design Wire Base + plant holder | 2. Design Wire Base + marble top | 3. Sweeper & Funnel | 4. Chunk of Marble candle holder | 5. Towel Ladder | 6. Tilt cutting board | 7. Bottle Grinder Peper & Salt | 8. Marble Mirror