I had to be very patient to get this beauty where it is today, but oooh boy it was worth the wait if I see it in our interior today!Remember when I talked about the struggle of choosing the perfect mirror for my make-up corner?Well, stress no more because a few weeks after I wrote that article, the decision got made.https://inlineafarmaci.com/acquistare-cialis-originale-20mg-online.htmlAfter going back and forth for a couple of times, The Normann CopenhagenFlip mirror got clicked away into my shopping basket and I was happily expecting.Why eventually this one?Easy!I can give you three good reasons… Reason number 1: it’s super functional!The mirror part is both large enough and it’s adjustable.You can turn it into different directions and angles and it has the perfect hight for doing your makeup.

While the tray that’s attached to the foot of the mirror is perfect to keep some essentials close by.Reason number two: it’s just beautiful.Clean, simple, beautiful.And reason number three: it’s affordable.Despite how much I do liked the marble mirror, also discussed in my previous article, it’s just not something within our budget… And even if it was.I seriously doubt I could ever spend that amount of money – on a mirror -.So, three perfectly good reasons to pick this awesome creation by the hand of Javier Moreno Studio.And I think many people share my opinion on this one.Because the reason I had to wait that long for this baby to arrive is because it’s very popular in the row of design mirrors.Meaning: out of stock.

But can you blame us… I mean come on.Look at it.Its beauty is really in its simplicity.Such as many things in life. Right?;)flip-mirror-normann-copenhagen-design-spiegel-make-up-corner-hoekje-lovelifelovefashion-misterdesign-2Curious to see the entire result of our makeup corner? Stay tuned! I’m finalising a few things but after that, I’ll be sharing the complete result of this me-corner.  best online slots sites canada