It’s a fact … the cold winter weather has arrived. (*insert Game of Thrones meme*) So it’s time to start hogging on pillows. There’s nothing cooler than crawling into your couch or bed with a good book or new TV show, on a wet autumn or cold winter day. #binchewatching Am I right?

And to me, it also means pillows. Lots of pillows. The boyfriend doesn’t call me the pillow monster for nothing. (He also calls me the cookie monster sometimes, but I’ll tell you about this some other time.) So yes, I’d like to order a big pile of pillows. A fortress of solitude I can always use to dive in whenever a spider passes by.

Interieur: Winterklaar met sierkussens

Also very typical for this time of year is getting the flu. And if you’d ask a doctor, I’m sure he’d say the perfect remedy for the flu is … indeed, pillows! Soft pillows to support and give you warmth, and to create a soothing environment for you to heal. And in the unimaginable event they wouldn’t make you feel better at all, I just know you’ll still feel a bit healthier being surrounded by a nice pile of pillows.

So enough reasons why we need a big pile (against the will of my boyfriend)! Enjoying a hot tea outside on the balcony on a sunny but cold winter day? Finish that Instagram shot off with a nice pillow in your lap! ^^

Design Sierkussens: maak je interieur winterklaar
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And hey, having extra pillows around in a nice basket never hurts. You never know when you’re going to wanna start a spontaneous pillow fight.

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