Let me introduce you to the magical wonders of Ikea Hack. I know, opinions on the topic can vary, and don’t get me wrong: I do love IKEA. But somehow, the idea of having the same table, closet or chair like millions of others seems so … unoriginal. So nothing wrong to sometimes pimp IKEA stuff a little, right?

I came across some very cool ideas on Pinterest (aah Pinterest, you magical place of dreams and ideas) and decided to try some out.

The first DIY project I did was an attempt to create two nice coffee tables. For months I’ve had my eyes on the HAY tray tables. But there’s no way denying that they’re f*ing expensive. Especially if you want two. But then the idea to create a similar concept out of the Ikea PS 2012tables (you have one for €29,99) came across my mind and I was kinda intrigued by the idea. Especially when I saw a version with marbles foil on top.

Now the problem with these is that they only come in one size. And I really really wanted two different sizes. I know, djeez… it’s just a table. But when an idea hits me big time, I really wanna go for it. So I did what any girl would do with a non-handy boyfriend.

I went to my super hero Dad, gave him my biggest pout, puppy eyes and made a complete statement about how I desperately needed these tables. Et voila, a basic frame for my little pieces of art to be.


Okay, it did take him some time to make them. Good thing I could search for the perfect marble topping in the meanwhile. I eventually ordered them via Lijns.nl, a webshop filled with marble items. Heaven! And the best part, you can order customized sizes and shapes. Just what I needed.

Wasn’t the frame beautiful by the way! I’ve been doubting if I would even paint it, but the white marble would look so much better on black, so I just stuck to the original plan. So painting it was. After the base coat, I went for a first layer of black. And the next day a second. And eventually a third. (I used a satin black paint from Levis.) Once the frames were dry, we added a few plastic knobs on top of the frame for grip (typically used for glass) and we gently laid the marble plates op top of them. And that’s it actually. Pretty simple hu! And oh how I love the result!


So what do you think of the result? Would you like side tables like these at your place? And of course, a big thank you to my Dad! I owe you some beers, a dinner and a supah dupah big hug!