Hi sweethearts, today’s post is all about kitchens. Seeing how this is a place where we all spent quite some time in (multiple times a day), plus the fact that for us, it’s the place where all the #foodporn magic happens, the kitchen is a room that we really want to get perfect. At the other hand, as fun as it is to think about this place, it’s also the most difficult room for us to figure out.

Some of our challenges:

• how to make sure we have enough closet space without packing the space with kitchen cabinets
• how to get that more ‘out-of-the-box’ type of kitchen while keeping it practical
• how to tackle the limited amount of apartment space
• how to give it a soft, light yet cozy feeling
• how to handle the high/low ceiling

Phew, a challenge indeed. But the boyfriend and I are getting close to finalizing our dream kitchen (on paper that is). In order for us to get to this stage, we went through tons of interior magazines/books, we walked through different kitchen stores and, what else, we relied on the unlimited source of pretty images and awesome ideas via Pinterest.

While we keep our fingers crossed that our dream kitchen is feasible and affordable, allow me to share some Pinterest shots that really helped us getting where we are right now, and to give you an impression of the vibe we would like to achieve. Curious?






kitchen-home-scandinavian-white-marble-light-soft-practical-open-space-lovelifelovefashion-AAs you can see, lots of light colors, some plants, marble (-look?), and wooden details to warm things up. #dreamkitchen

Now I’d love to hear from you how your dream kitchen would look like!

Image source: Pinterest, Actief Wonen (pic 2) and Roomed (cover picture)