Interior stuff. Aargh I’m a little obsessed with them. Since the boyfriend and I bought an appartement, the shopping clothes part of my life took a huge step back and the interior madness only got bigger. To feed those *must buy something pretty* urges, I’m going through interior magazines like a baby that is trying to reach a cat’s tail (noticed already how they never give up?!), I eat Pinterest for lunch and watching make-over programs are my new favorite thing to do. Heck, I’ve even been running around like a crazy person to get my hands on the newest IKEA catalog because I simply don’t have the patience to wait until it’s delivered at our place. Which is normally within two days. And no, I want the paper version. ^^

Anyway, lots of crazy and impatient feelings over here. Sometimes it even feels a little like my head is gonna explode. Know the feeling? #PleaseSayYouDo :p

Obviously, buying a place costs money. So instead of actually shopping and spend money we should keep for floors or a kitchen, let’s go for a little wish list instead. It’s much cheaper.


Marble or leather?! (1 and 2)

When I spotted this DIY idea on Pinterest to pimp a simple clock with a leather belt, I was hooked. We already have the exact same clock hanging in our living room for a while now, so all we need is to find a perfect brown belt. However, last week I came across this beautiful marble clock of Zuiver. With its €70 it’s still affordable (I already saw one for over €300 and one that was more than €400!) but obviously still a lot more expensive than getting a cool leather belt in a vintage or second-hand shop. So help! Which one would you go for?

Shades of green (3, 4 and 7)

You can never have enough green in your home! Especially when that green comes from cactus and sansevieria cylindrica plants. What’s up with those anyway? Everyone seems a little addicted to them lately. Okay yes, guilty as charged. They have adorable ones at IKEA and for a little price, it’s hard to resist getting them. Especially because I still have a Ferm Living wired basket which screams for some extra green on the top. I also spotted some tropical green pillow cases on Pinterest and want one ever since. The plan is to make them myself with a large tropical scarf I still have lying around in my closet. Good for the environment and our bank accounts! ^^

A perfect cozy corner (5, 6 and 8)

We have this empty spot in our living room ever since we moved in. Finally I’ve figured out what to do with it! And even better: it would also fit perfectly in our new place. Especially seeing how we will go for wooden floors over there. Anyway, both the boyfriend and I fell in love with this IKEA Ekenäset chair the first time we saw it. Just like we fell in love (okay this time it was just me) with the Ranarp floor lamp when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Put those two together and add an awesome carpet underneath, and you’ll get a perfect little corner. Especially when adding those greens shades I was talking about before. ;)

Dinner and drinks (9 and 10)

We spotted the most perfect teapot during our time in France. It looked a lot like this traditional one (9) but it had a wooden cap to close it. Seeing how it was over €150, we slowly walked away and have been to different tea shops in the meanwhile, hoping to find something similar for a smaller price. The salt and pepper mill of Normann Copenhagen is already available since last year and they look pretty damn perfect. Wood and marble: what’s not to love! Too bad the price tag is less easy to love. So in case anyone is already looking for my birthday gift for next year, this would score big time. ^^