Don’t you just love those moments where you have the time to actually do nothing?! Give me crazy days, hectic days, amazeball days anytime, but once in a while, I do long for some time off doing absolutely nothing. Just me, the couch, a big blanket, the remote and a toilet near by. (No way I’m walking too far!) Oh, and cookies. Of course.

We just got back from New York (more about that soon! #promised) and after a week of running around like two crazy tourists pretending to be locals (am I the only one doing that?), a long flight back and filled days right after we were back, a lazy potato day is exactly what the doctor would order.

Comfy Skiny home-wear to the rescue!

When I was asked if I was interested to try out a Skiny Bodywear outfit (what a question … crazy pyjama lady over here), I obviously said yes. I went for something that I didn’t have yet: a jumpsuit. Uhu, to be lazy in. C’mon, that’s just cool. ^^ The sweater and cute socks are the perfect partners in crime for those chilly Sundays. But with these current high temperatures, I won’t be needing those today.



skinny-homewear-lazy-day-chillin-blogger-lounge-lovelifelovefashion-3Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to doing nothing. #LazyModeActivated

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