It’s been a while since I wrote a beauty article. Most of you know though that that’s mainly because I only share something beauty-related if I’m really excited about it. Like really, really. For those of you who didn’t know that yet, let me give you some context:


My skin has more mood swings than a toddler birthday party on steroids. And although I usually like anything diamond related, my skin doesn’t really need to shine like a diamond all the freckin’ time; thank you very much. In other words, finding make-up that plays well with my skin has always been a struggle. And to be honest, I had pretty much given up on my quest years ago.

Because I recently seem to have landed in another midlife uuh, midskin? crisis, it was time to head back to the dermatologist. The damage: New skin care products and a custom made creme, together with some yummy antibiotics. Let’s hope it does the trick. Sure, in the past these treatments have always worked fine … for a while. And I’m more of a long run kinda gall, you know.



Anyway, the most important thing the dermatologist said, and the only thing that has been on my mind for the last few weeks (aside from this of course), is the fact that you do in fact have make-up products that are gentle for the skin. Make-up that even improves the skin condition by protecting it. It gave me hope. Hope to be able to put stuff on my face to highlight the good qualities, while hiding some imperfections at the same time without having breakouts afterwards. Those after-breakouts are the reason I stopped using make-up in general.

So a new quest began. A few blogger events later, lots of online research and chatting with some of my friends, I genuinely believe to have found the perfect brand!


Let me introduce you to … tatatadaaa: Jane Iredale

jane iredale. Mineral make-up; not tested on animals; non-comedogenic; sun protection (!) + improves the skin quality. And it does everything it promises you. Hey, don’t take my word for it. There’s only the thousands of positive reviews and plenty of beauty centers that only use this brand + the tons of dermatologist who recommend this. Oh, and I can throw in some celebs as well that are huge fans.

Quality costs money. And if I was going to try this, I wanted to do it right from the start. Hence how I ended up at Pomerans last weekend. A cozy beauty center near Ghent (Sint-Amandsberg to be precise) that specializes in skin improvement, skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal. The lady behind it, Claudine, has been working with jane iredale make-up for about 7 years now, and she likes to keep up with the latest technologies and developments in the field. Which only made me feel more sure about her being the perfect person to go to, in an attempt to get my skin some potential new friends.

Oh and did I get what I was looking for, together with many tips and tricks!

Damn, even thinking back on it makes me all excited again.







Claudine, the owner of Pomerans, helped me out perfectly and professionally by advising me what (not) to do, how to apply everything efficiently, how much product to and which tools to use. I also got color advice for my skin, lips and eyes, and on what to do with my eyebrows (don’t forget the brows, ladies!). Anyway, an awesome experience allround in beauty heaven. pomerans-gent-beauty-schoonheidsspecialist-sint-amandsberg-jane-iredale-make-up-specialist-lovelifelovefashion-9





How funny is my facial expression? It perfectly visualizes my unbelief of the result! ^^


Needless to say, I went home with a little bag full of pretty stuff. ;) I’m still waiting on 3 items that she was kind enough to order for me, and I seriously can’t wait to start using the products and experimenting a bit. And of course, I’ll share my experiences in a couple of weeks. Final judgement day. ^^


A big thanks to Claudine for the huge help. If you’re struggling with your skin yourself or if you’re simply into beauty products, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at Pomerans. She truly knows what she’s talking about.

Pomerans | Claudine Vansuyt
Adolf Baeyensstraat 113
9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Most pictures were taken by the boyfriend this time. Thanks, hon! You did an awesome job.