What an amazing weather we had the last couple of weeks! Now that our weekends are less working in our home and more doing fun stuff again, there is also time (and some budget) for shopping! Because that budget is still limited, I rather invest in beautiful basics, some fun and durable pieces and little things that pimp an entire outfit. And seeing how the sales period is on its way, wish-listing some of those summer musthaves is my favorite thing to do right now. ^^

Summer crushes

A few of my ultimate summer favorites so far (fingers crossed they will be in discount next month!) can be clearly divided in light & breezy and dark yet summerproof.

Light & breezy

I spotted these awesome white/green/blue/pink sneakers. Comfortable, fun and flamingo’s… do I need to say more? The flamingo top on the other hand is more subtle yet cute. Perfect for me seeing how I prefer minimalistic clothing and bolding it up with extraordinary shoes or a purse. The bomberjacket is something that has been on my wish list quite some time. But for some reason I never spotted that perfect one. Until now: and it has lace! Love on first sight.



Dark yet summerproof

I can’t even begin to explain how long I’ve been searching for a maxi skirt with stripes that has a split. I really want a split to show off a little leg seeing how I’m not that tall. The pineapple shorts and silver sandals are both n° 1 summer essentials to me. Especially on days like these they can be the base of a perfect weekend getaway look. Cute shirt or top on it (hmm like that flamingo top ^^), the golden necklace you see below and you’re good to go.

What’s your ultimate summer crush piece? Love to hear!