Like what you see and feel like collaborating? Awesome! I’m always up for collaborations with brands/companies/stores that fit with my ideals and beliefs, but keep in mind that I only work from a personal point of view. To give you some examples of what I mean by that, I can:

•    feature one of your products in an outfit post
•    write an honest review about your product/shop
•    promote your product by means of a giveaway
•    review a location and share some personal hotspots, pros & cons

This while linking back to your website, product or social media channel(s), and a pinky promise of nice looking pictures made by myself or the boyfriend (if I’m on them). You can find previous collabs here on my press page.

Want me to share context which is not written by myself? Sorry, no will do!! #sorrynotsorry


Of course, don’t hesitate to contact me for general questions, feedback or requests via the contact form below or via


•    Launched in April 2013
•    Blog language: English (no exceptions)
•    Guestblogger for vtwonen (BE and NL) on a frequent base
•    Demographics: Majority of readers is between 18-34
•    Location: Majority of readers lives in 1: Belgium, 2:United States and 3: The Netherlands.
Followed by Germany, France, UK …


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