You recognize that feeling when you feel like you’re just stuck? That you’re going in circles and constantly feel lost… Someone?

I’ve been feeling that way for quite some time now when I was at work. I wanted to kick free, do more, experience more, learn new things and take on new challenges. To matter and to make a difference.


To get those things, something needed to change, my surrounding needed to change. But taking steps to turn things around, is something we (and I) seem to postpone easily. And granted, it’s a little scary. But scary is good. We need a bit of scariness in our lives. Getting over those scary moments makes us grow as a person, it motivates us and boosts our self-esteem. It pushes us to do and want more from life. And that’s a good thing. Heck that’s a great thing!


So I looked the scariness in the eye (kinda) and found a new job that totally fits my personality and interests. New challenges? Check! More responsibility? Check! More opportunities, variety, and learning new things. Check, check, check! Happy and excited me? Double check!

Scariness means that something is important. It means you care.

So my advice to you, whatever it is in your life that needs a change, getting a puppy, trusting someone new in your life or moving to the other side of the world, don’t let the scary part of it hold you back.


And remember, even tough it sometimes feels like you’re going in circles, you’ll get there. Eventually. All you need to do is build a bridge and walk over it to get there.

Now wish my luck will you, I’m off to kick some ass at my new job! Whoop Whoop!

Any big scary changes you’re thinking about?