Those who follow my blog frequently (that’s all of you, right?!) might’ve seen that I got the most beautiful pick nick basket last month for my birthday. I couldn’t wait to use it, so the first following sunny weekend, we filled it up with yumminess and went to a beautiful park, not that far from where we live.


I know this will sound extremely cliché, but there is something romantic and cozy about laying in the grass, barefoot with a loved one and eating all kinds of things. At least, if we ignore all those little bugs attacking from every direction. *they-smell-my-fear*

I suppose we can blame movies like the Notebook for raising our expectations about stuff like these.

Pick-nick-Park_quality-time_food_foodporn_love_Sunday-11Now that I think about it, the romantic ending with tons of rain falling out of the sky was missing.


And sure, maybe it wasn’t as ‘perfect’ as in the movies, but it was real. And fun! And yes, even a little romantic.





Pick-nick-Park_quality-time_food_foodporn_love_Sunday-AThere was some serious wrestling going on for this one. (I won, obviously | GIMME my cookie!)

Just kidding, we shared. = two happy smiles.

Pick-nick-Park_quality-time_food_foodporn_love_Sunday-7A view doesn’t always need to be a clear sky … Seeing leaves and twigs falling down towards you is so much more fun. ^^


Ahh a quality day… clearing our minds and enjoying the complete tranquility and doing nothing more than enjoying each other’s company… Yes yes! I think we can all use more moments like those. Back to the basics and enjoying the little things in life. So what are you waiting for? Plan something fun with your friends, your love or parents and while you’re add it, put away those phones will you.