Wazup sweethaerts. Sorry for the radio silence on the blog lately. It kinda has been a struggle to find a good balance between work, friends, blogging and my boyfriend. Recognize the feeling?

“I either need to clone myself! Or stop sleeping.”

With my new job, holidays, work and blog events, it feels like I haven’t seen my girls for ages. Not a first world problem, but I’m in need of some catching up. At the same time, I also want some quality time with my boyfriend now that we’re both back at work and all bussy.

Like that isn’t enough, now picture some vegetarian food workshops as well, making a new photo album (argh selecting pictures!), updating my travel book (more about that later), planning a new trip and in-between all those things, still finding time to create fun and interesting posts, shooting outfit pictures and be more active on social media again. Phew! I need to clone myself. Or stop sleeping.

So because of my lack of posts this week, some extra #lovelife pics…


Spotting new must-haves at events • Shooting a basic outfit • Experimenting with smoothies
Delicious breakfast with fruit and musli • More events 
Some me time at the beach… #InTheZone

Enjoying this amazing view (check more here)
Re-organising lots of stuff at home • Work work work…
 Be happy and smile! Easy with a Frends headset! • Just hanging around • Oh how I love to travel


Discovering Alpro Soya (addict by now) • Preparing for fall • Eating homemade sushi
Enjoying brunch with my love • Wearing hearts and shorts for the blog
These Me-moments are getting rare…

Because I can’t seem to find the time to catch up checking other blogs … feel free to leave a link behind to one of your latest articles that I can’t miss. I pinky promise to check it out.

To see more #lovelife pictures, check out my Instagram page.