Today is my birthday. *Happy Dance*. 24 candles it is this year. Let me tell you one thing, getting that birthday wish is getting more difficult each time.

Because today is a Monday (bleh!), I celebrated yesterday. Starting off with an amazing breakfast/brunch at my parents’ place where I could eat my heart out and unwrap colorfully wrapped presents.



This beautiful (and filled) pick-nick basket was a present from my parents and le boyfriend. Absolutely perfect as I always have had a weak spot for those. And apparently, there is yet another present on the way. (Say whaatt?!)


When I fell completely satisfied (read: full and a bit nauseous) my besties were there to pick me up for some proper girl time. We went for a road trip to the sea. Some shopping, joking around, walking on the beach and laughing our ass off. And eating dessert. Obviously.


And with a view like this, it felt like we were on a tropical island! Nope, we couldn’t complain.


At night it was time for some quality time with the boyfriend. Movie on the couch with homemade popcorn. Yes please! And it’s not over yet… tonight I’ll go out for dinner with the boyfriend (also after his first day on his new job — what are the odds, right?) in one of my favorite restaurants in town, followed by a stop at the movies. Finally I’ll get see Divergent! Have you seen it already?


How do you like to spend your Birthday? Let me know in a comment below! x