As promised… the inside of my cute Pieces bag! I had to walk by some stores to go to the hairdresser this morning and I couldn’t resist. (Shame on me!) But you’ll agree that the items I bought will proof to be a good investment.

We’ve all noticed that normal colors aren’t enough this season. Every store you enter is filled with fluo, pastel and prints. But this doesn’t mean you have to throw out every non-colorful item you have in your closet. No, a good possible way to bright up your outfit is to simply add a colorful scarf! I bought two of these babies to summerize my regular clothes. Money-well spent!

Oh yes, for the leopard/zebra printed scarf I also have a good excuse. Black & white is totally hot again like mentioned in one of my previous posts. You see, we women don’t just buy to buy. Every purchase is thought-through. ;-)