Soo… what did I take home with me when I went to the opening of Primark in Brussels? Not that much to be honest. But enough to get that euphoric feeling (oh you know what I’m talking about!).

Even though I had plenty of time to snoop around in peace before the actual opening, I was kinda set to do some deco shopping. You know, we all hove those periods where we seem to be addicted to buying new stuff for our place rather than buying clothes. As they didn’t have a decoration department in the Brussels store, I actually went home with less than expected. But hey, no biggy. I just made a big-ass deco-christmas wish list for my big sis instead.


A cozy, extra long grey scarf and a grey-blackish knitted sweater with some sequins. Super fluffy comfy mode? – Check!


I also took this washed off grey denim home. For. Only. 8 euro. Can you believe that? You can’t even have lunch for 8 euro.

These supah awesome amazing looking booties! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a similar pair like these. Euphoric mode? Full mode!

I also bought a simple black blouse but because of specific circumstances, I couldn’t take pictures of it. (A.k.a: I couldn’t wait to wear it so it’s already playing in the washing machine with its new family as we speak).

And also a couple of gifts for the boyfriend. Like these funny and awesome minion socks below.


And that’s it actually. Oh no, wait. I also bought a pillow! I desperately needed a new one and they were laying at the check-out desk. I took it before I knew. Try getting through hundreds of people with a pillow and two paper bags in your hands. Not easy I tell you.