No no! I didn’t break my no-buy promise. During the many giveaways of my blog birthday, I had the pleasure of working together with Imagine Jewels. After the winner was selected, they mailed me to let me know I could pick out something myself. A treat because they were really satisfied with the many reactions the giveaway received. A very unexpected but welcome surprise as my no-buy time is harder then expected. *Desperatly-Need-Something-New*

I made a little (awkward looking) happy dance and rushed to their website that same day. I eventually went for this pink golden Co Savanah necklace. It’s really one of kind and I thought it was quite extraordinary. A prefect piece to expand my collection with.


What ya think? Good pick right! And obviously a big thanks to Imagine Jewels!

This item is sponsored by Imagine Jewels.