Sigh, I promised myself not to shop for a while which was going pretty great. But this month was more of a break-even situation if I’m being totally honest. I feel bad, but also not really. I’m sure you recognize that feeling. It’s like eating ice-cream when you actually shouldn’t. And ask for chocolate sauce and whipped cream as well. (Mmmm, I could eat that.)

Anyways, I sold some old stuff so I made peace with the shopping of this month. Plus I really needed these things. Really. Everyone needs good basics. Right?

Welcome to the closet






The scarf (oh what a comfy knitted soft thing) I found at Zara (this one). It was about 25 euro’s but I paid it with a gift voucher. Money spent: €0.
The knitted sweater (here), blue-greyisch jeans, rings and 3-piece necklace are all from H&M (= budget friendly). Money spend: +/- €75. So that’s still pretty okay, right.

Now, I’m I the only one still secretly thinking about that ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream?