I know I know, we all rather spend another month enjoying cold drinks, ice cream and sunshine on our face while birds are singing. But it’s a fact. Fall is coming. Damn what am I saying… Fall has arrived here in Belgium.

Good enough reason to start looking for some items to extend our Fall/Winter wardrobe. Because honestly, I do look forward a bit to those cozy woolen sweaters, big scarfs and nights on the couch with a cup of hot coco.

But until that time, here are my latest buys. I even got to score a few sales!



Fall-Prepping-2014-2015_buy_coat_black_CA_Maison-Scotch_Shirt_pearls_Guess_bag_purse_colored_sweater_wool_gray_lovelifelovefashion-4My perfect newbie to add some color to dark fall/winter looks.


A comfy cardigan for those chilly Fall days.

How do you feel about Fall coming so soon this year? Did you already bought something for next season?