Hi all! This weekend I went to Primark in Liège. Time for me to show you ladies my catch of the day. You’ve probably all heard about Primark and/or have shopped there already, so I don’t think I need to go into much detail there. ;-)

London '09If I’m allowed to get a bit nostalgic, I still remember
the moment I discovered this store. A couple of years back, two of my best friends and I were in London. We already shopped the entire day around Oxford Street and we didn’t really had a lot of time left as the stores were about to close. Suddenly we were standing in front of an enormous Primark store. Some cute ballerinas that were displayed pulled us in like magnets, totally forgetting the time. If we only knew what was about to happen next. We started to look around (where to look first?!), amazed by the extremely low prices, the many colors, walls filled with accessories. We could die happily then and there.

I admit, we were getting a bit hysterical and like the typical girls we can be, we started to yell, smile and laugh because of the low prices. We needed one of the security guys to ask us if we were drunk to snap back to reality. (true story!) So the last 15 minutes we had before closing, we shopped like crazy in a speed-date tempo. To eventually return the next day before we had to catch the train back, which we almost missed because of it. Obviously we came back with an extra suitcase, packed with new clothes. Good thing we didn’t travel by plane. And that they sell suitcases at Primark, that too. (Sneaky or brilliant marketing?)

The good news is that these days you don’t necessarily have to go to London in order to visit a Primark store. There’s one in Liège and one in Rotterdam (Netherlands). They’re both about a two-hour drive away from Ghent. Perfect for a short road trip with the girls. Until the day they open one in Ghent. (Which will happen very soon!) That will be the day I move out of my flat and into a Primark store.

And now as promised, my purchases:


A cute navy blue dress with swans, a zebra printed skirt, two pair of sunglasses (perfect as I always have the tendency to sit on them), a small black purse, two simple thin belts and a pair of amazingly comfortable ballerinas. Overall, I didn’t buy that much. But I am so pleased with the things I did found.

General Primark tip: be careful about what you buy. Look at the quality and kind of fabric so you don’t end up with something you can only wear once. Don’t be blinded by how cheap it is.

Oh yes, before I forget! I did discover a less positive thing about Primars this weekend… I wanted to buy a bikini which I absolutely, head over heels, fell in love with. To only discover that I couldn’t buy it because the top and bottom had a different size. I wasn’t allow to buy something. In a store. Two hours of waiting in line to try it on… all for nothing. Can you believe it? Does that mean we have to be perfectly in balance, body-wise, in order to buy a bikini at Primark? Seems almost impossible if you ask me… Or perhaps they don’t like the color of money. Odd.