Hi sweeties! How is your week going?! Hopefully not as hectic as mine. I seriously have given up a lunch break to write this post and could really use some extra sleep too to be honest. That reminds me, I should suggest to organize siestas at work.

Now, I didn’t just gave up my lunch for anything obviously, I really wanted to share my new buys from last week in Germany. Although I didn’t buy anything from the outlet Walhalla, I did buy some things in Mango. I’m I the only one who can’t seem to leave this store without finding a treasure? This time it was a pair of gorgeous slip-ons (come to Mamma!) and two adorable cross-body bags.




Pretty right. Damn I agree, I love each and of these items. And for those who were curious about the messenger bag I bought (at 50% discount!) for my better half, here it is: