What happens if you put a girl that didn’t had the best week, near lots of stores on a cold rainy day? That’s right: madness! Some of us eat our sorrows away (can also be very effective I admit) others shop to feel better. Both aren’t really solutions, I know. But sometimes we just don’t give a damn about common sense and wanna act out like little spoiled brats drama queens. ^^

Now, as I tend to get a giant zit for every piece of chocolate I eat (I’m still walking around with the consequences of those two brownies I ate last week) I went for option two: Shopping. Too much and too expensive. But in my defense, some tems I got were in sale…

As a result, I came home with a comfy cardigan, a new casual blazer, two pair of jeans, a skirt and three (I’m turning red from embarrassment) pairs of shoes.

Madness_shopping_Guess_shoes_metallic_leather_snake_print-cover I did it, I made a decision (remember?) and ended up with these metallic pumps by Guess. They combine the metallic color and an awesome print I truly wanted.

Madness_shopping_Maison Scotch_blazer_grey My new favorite blazer – Maison Scotch

Madness_shopping_Tommy Hilfiger_Denim_Jeans_snake_print Light denim with a subtle snake print (love!)

Madness_shopping_Silvian Heach_cardigan
Comfy cardigan – Silvian Heach

Result: no more shopping budget for this month (and perhaps next month too) BUT lots of nice stuff and instant happy feelings. I only took a few shots of some of my new things. But I promise the rest will follow soon enough in one of my outfit posts. ;-)

What’s your guilty pressure to make you feel better after a bad day/week?