Whaat?! Noo?! Seriously! OMG!  These are just a few examples of the many words that rolled out of my mouth when arriving at this little piece of German heaven called Stuttgart outlet metzingen. Sounds pretty great right! Yup, I felt like a little baby playing kiekeboe.

And granted, although I was there for work with a colleague, our evenings were wisely filled with must-sees/do’s. And this outlet heaven was definitely a must see (and do). Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?




Despite all the prettiness, I only bought a beautiful Hugo Boss messenger bag for my boyfriend. Perfect for his new job. And a pair of ugly ducky Nike’s for myself to work out with. I needed a new pair and they were like less than half the price of what they normally cost. So I just had to. Right? Tell me I’m right.

But let’s get back to business. How gorgeous are those Jimmy Choo heels and that clutch on the cover picture?! And those zebra pumps… Pretty pretty!