Only a few days left and it’s my birthday!! 24, djeez I’m getting old. #justkidding

As I’m trying to cut down on shopping, I’ve been having some withdrawal effects. To compensate I did some window shopping and I thought it would be fun to make a birthday wishlist out of it. Silly perhaps, but hey, I planned a weekend of doing a lot of nothing. Aaaaand I got bored pretty fast.

1. Make-up goodies


Ever since I discovered the BE Creative make-up from Ici Paris, I’ve wanted to get myself a few of their products. The ideal neutralizing concealer is for sure one of them. (1) Complete coverage of any redness. Do I really need to say more…

The BE amazing eyeshadow palet (2) is something I’ve had my eye on (get it?) for quite some time. The same goes for the perfect & reflect highlighter pen (3). Maybe interesting to know; I discovered, which offers nice discounts on everything from Ici Paris. Score!

The next two are not from BE Creative but they seemed to be in place here. The Estee-Lauder advanced night repair serum (4) is probably a product that doesn’t need much of an introduction. Now that I’m getting older (ahum), I’ll probably need this on a more daily basis… Quite expensive but one of the best selling products in its category and I only hear great things about.

Lastly, I would love to get my hands on a nailart fan brush (5). Seems like so much fun to experiment with it!

2. Clothing


Aah, Zalando. I caught myself several times snooping around since my last buy.

Like this Amy Gee slim fit jeans (1) that has the perfect color and the right amount of rips for this summer. I know my Mom will hate it big time, but I wouldn’t mind hanging this one in my closet. And this this ONLY Top (2) would match perfectly! Don’t you agree?

This dress from Closet (3) is such a beauty. I don’t have any other words to describe it besides perfect and happy. And finally, shoes… I haven’t made up my mind between these two variants of Chuck Taylor All Stars (4) (5) or a pair of Maruti (6). Which one do you prefer?

And oh yes, before I forget: Also for this brand you can find discount codes on I’ve used one last time and basically got my Dorothy Perkins top for free!

3. Randoms


Last but definitely not least, those little practical things that always turn out to be the best gifts… Like a nice way to order your accessories without fighting with all of them whenever you just want one (1). Or a funny bicycle bell now that I use my bike more and the one I have isn’t any good (2).

Also great, a gift voucher of a cool brand like Lush. (3) No woman that wouldn’t mind having some extra Lush goodies. The same for a little smoothie maker. (4) You’re basically giving health and yumminess. ^^

And I think everyone will agree that a cute iPhone cover (5) or some decoration stuff for your home is always welcome (6).

What is your ultimate birthday present? And more important, what do you like to give birthday people? Love to hear.