Can I get a hell yeah?! Exactly 12 months ago, I was pregnant with an idea. I decided to (finally) start my own blog! A hell lot of cursing, brainstorming, lots of designing and much sleep was sacrificed … but two weeks later, lovelifelovefashion was born. Excitement rushed over me the moment it went live. I was proud of my baby girl that day, and I still am. Proud to see how much she has grown up already!

I know this blog is still a newborn, and I need to learn, grow and develop so much more. But I can’t wait to go through this growing process. Because it’s simply so much fun!


And there is you guys: the wonderfully amazing people who read my posts, the ones that leave comments, those who feel inspired, and my loved ones that tell me how proud they are. The blog wouldn’t be the same without you. (P.S. I also very much love the ones that visit my blog but never comment due to having their hands occupied with ice cream or cookies. Or M&Ms. Or cake.)


So a big thank you! I hope I may continue to entertain you for a long time and hopefully I get to create a smile on your face every now and then.

Of course a birthday comes with presents. (*evil laughter*) And no matter how much I love those, the presents that are on the way aren’t for me but for you sweeties! So stay tuned for a few über-awesome giveaways this month.