My sweet loves, I hope that you-all may have a wonderful evening filled with laughter, joy, lots of great food and glitters. (And lots of desserts!) Enjoy this evening with your loved ones and be kind to one another. Give your Dad that extra beer, your Mom some extra candy and you brother/sister a complement that for once, their hair doesn’t look like a giant bird’s nest on a cold winter day. ^^

I’m about to start making dinner together with my boyfriend to spoil my parents a bit (isn’t that the best present we can give them? ^^),

but I didn’t wanna start without wishing you-all a very absolutely-freakin-crazy-awesome Christmas!

Obviously, the temptation was large to still share some last minute pictures of what is about to be a lovely night. (addict much?!)

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_tree_decoration_lights_B_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_fireplace_decoration_B_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_table_decoration_wine_candles_B_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_tree_decoration_lights_presents_B_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_cards_decoration_family_lovelifelovefashion

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_chickens_decoration_lights_family_lovelifelovefashionMomma chicken explaining Christmas to the little ones. (And the fact that a lot of their nephews and nieces will probably get eaten tonight.)

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_decoration_lights_candles_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_drinks_tea_hot coco_lovelifelovefashionNo Christmas without hot coco or tea.

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_chickens_decoration_lights_family_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_food_menu_family_homemade_lovelifelovefashionOn the menu. (Let’s do this!)

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_speculaas cookies_baking_lovelifelovefashion 2 Making cookies!

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_table_decoration_candles_menu_drinks_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_table_decoration_candles_napkins_owl_B_lovelifelovefashion 2

Ho ho ho! Mercy Christmas_xmas_holidays_table_decoration_lights_candles_lovelifelovefashion 2

How did you spend your Christmas eve?