Hi sweethearts! While I’m already back on the road again (Rotterdam here I come) I’m introducing something new here. As the blog’s name already implies, I’m all about: lovelifelovefashion. Fashion stuff enough on the blog for sure, but if you ask me, the lovelife share can go up a bit more.

My plan: from now on, I’ll post a #lovelife article once in a while. (Read: when you least expect it. *evil laughter*) A post with some personal pics that made me smile, happy or simply touched me in any way. After all, the small things in life are just as important. Good plan?


Finally! • Lazy Sunday with magazines and healthy yumminess • Cute Easter chocolate
Fresh flowers • Want, no need this one! • Celebrating my bf’s new job in Ghent
A blog anniversary • Pulling faces with people you love • Getting fruit salad and a rose

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