I’m most likely not the first person to tell you this, but life for people our age sucks! The economy is bleeding, the house market is brutal and we are fighting to prove ourselves and find our place in this world.

There were times that an education was enough to seal the deal. There was a time, deduction, motivation and talent was enough. And a time that doing something unique was the way to get there. These days, you need it all to stand out. We’re not working to live anymore, we need to work to survive.

“We are what they call, Generation F.”

Some people see it as Generation F*cked. In others words, we’re screwed. Others see it as Generation Fix. Because many see us as the generation that should fix the future. We will, we want. We are even dying to. But someone needs to give us a shot.

So I’m figuring out what I wanna do. I’m trying to figure that out for months. With a lot of frustration as a side dish. But I’m getting close, that I know. And I also know that, being where I am today, won’t help me to do that. It won’t help me to be part of Generation Fix.

Luckily we can control our future. We can make the future. I am, my own future.

We can change it and demand our place. We just need to work for it. Even harder. And just like that, we are already busy trying to fix things.

To be continued…

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