It has been a while since my last food post, but trust me when I say it was worth the wait. I’ve been wanting to make a home-made pizza for ages. It’s so simple but for some reason, I actually never tried it. I suppose it’s something we typically eat when we don’t really feel like cooking, resulting in ordering pizza or taking one out of the freezer…

But now I know better, making them yourself is the way to go.


• Paprika
• Mozzarella
• Tomato
• Pesto
• Shredded cheese
• Olives
• Tomato sauce
• Salmon
• Avocado
• Basil
• Pizza dough

* Warning: producing a certain amount of drewl is very likely while going through these steps. can not be held responsible for this phenomenon.


1. Start by rolling out the dough on top of a piece of baking paper. Take a few spoons of tomato sauce and spread it over the entire surface.

2. Add a few thin slices of Mozzarella cheese in each quadrant. This will melt into the tomato sauce giving that delicious combo.

3. Take both the salmon and avocado and spread them over the pizza. If I may give you a tip, keep these two together. Salmon and avocado taste heavenly together.

4. Add some slices (or cubes) of paprika and a few olives which you cut in half.

5. Put a few dots of red pesto here and there, some slices of tomato and sprinkle some cheese on top of it all.

6. Finish off with a few fresh basil leaves and fold the edges up a bit to work as a brim to keep your pizza toping on the dough.

Isn’t this one fine looking pizza?! *drewl-alert*

7. Put in the pre-heated oven for 10-15 minutes on 180°.


Hmm delicious!! Every bite was a true pleasure. And okay, we didn’t went that far to make the dough ourselves (only Italian people are entitled to do that ) but this way, you can keep it somewhat healthy.

Best thing of all, you can go as crazy as you want or keep it as simple as you want. Either way, it will be way healthier than the alternatives. So go ahead, eat, enjoy and most important, take dessert to complete this perfect homemade meal!

Have you ever made pizza yourself?