Breakfast, definitely my favorite meal of the day. I mean c’mon, it can’t get any cozier then getting up and eat while your in total comfy mood. Uhu I mean the whole shebang: hair up, no bra, sweatpants and thick fluffy sock with anti-slip nobs. Sexy? Hell no! Cozy! Damn right!

If I could forget about the massive amount of calories for a second, I would go for chocolate croissants, éclairs and hot coco any-day. But you could roll me across the earth by now if I would. So let’s not. There’s only so much gravity can handle.

Anyways, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped enjoying breakfast. Nope, I refuse dammit. And I need to do something with all my food-pics! Hence this post. Ready for some (healthy) ideas?


I know not everyone will agree with me, but in general, eggs have lots of healthy benefits. So I see them as part of a healthy breakfast. Plus these come from my parents’ chickens. And those are some happy & free chickens!

Breakfast-Ideas-eggs-musli-smoothies-Alpro-Soya-ideas-easy-quick-healthy-sweet-lovelifelovefashion-15 Hard-boiled egg on slices of ciabatta bread, tomato, lettuce, some yoghurt dressing and basil. A few drops of orange juice and you’ll bite into a piece of heaven.



I’m seriously addicted to this one! You just got to try the Mild & Creamy of Alpro Soya. To. Die. For. Seriously I can eat this every hour of the day. Uhu, even at night in front of the television. So it’s kinda like breakfast but also dessert. Heaven! And it’s even better with some muesli and some fresh fruit. Okay, excuse me. I need to, uuh, get something out of the fridge. Be right back.

It’s also perfect for days when you’re in a hurry but still want something healthy. You can’t get it easier than yumminess coming out of a box.

Breakfast-Ideas-eggs-musli-smoothies-Alpro-Soya-ideas-easy-quick-healthy-sweet-lovelifelovefashion-8My ultimate favorite flavor: Mild & Creamy Blueberry.

Breakfast-Ideas-eggs-musli-smoothies-Alpro-Soya-ideas-easy-quick-healthy-sweet-lovelifelovefashion-7Alpro Mild & Creamy Strawberry and rhubarb, not bad either but I prefer the blueberry.



You either love it or hate it. I’m not a fan when I’ll get it in front of me. Maybe because I don’t wanna add sugar (kinda missing the point then I think). And it looks a little like… well let’s say it doesn’t get me excited. But if I add some fruit and nuts… come to momma! I can last until lunch with this one easily. It does take some prepping work. Meaning you have to get up 10 minutes earlier. Not always feeling like doing that so in that case, I’ll go back to option number 2.





This is something I can really enjoy. Especially during the weekends! And even more when my boyfriend brings this to bed. Depending on the fruit you use, it’s easy to prep the night before and keep it for on the go the next morning. Traffic jam? Don’t care!



For days you wanna start with a serious vitamin power shot. I never add extra sugar as fruit already has tons of sugar on its own. And I’m not really an ‘add some milk or yoghurt’ type of girl either. I rather use a banana to give it some thickness.

It’s super easy to make but yes, sometimes cutting fruit into pieces can even be too much work. (lazy banana) So what I often do, I put fruit (chopped up) in the freezer when I notice I have too much. You won’t end up having to throw away 5 hairy pieces of *this-used-to-be-fruit* and when you’re feeling (extra) lazy, you only need to grab a bag out of the fridge. Check some recipes here.





Hungry already? It’s almost weekend so get your stuff go back to bed at 12pm, take a power-nap and repeat your entire breakfast ritual. Or go for breakfast in bed!