Hello my fellow foodies. I have a small confession to make: I don’t like wraps. (Whaaatt?!) I can already picture the looks on your faces; eyebrows up, mouth open, squeezing your faces in all kinds of strange positions and some mumbling.

For some reason, I’ve never had one I actually manage to enjoy. Until last week that is, when one of my best friends made wraps as an appetizer for her birthday dinner party. Me-wow! I can officially call myself a converted wrap-lover.

It didn’t took long before my boyfriend and I tried to make them ourselves, a slightly different version and yes, this one was also pretty damn good.

What you need

• Guacamole
• Salsa (this one is mainly made of paprika and red peppers)
• Avocado
• Iceberg lettuce
• Smoked salmon
• Prawns
• Sweet and sour sauce
• Wraps (duhh)

Let’s begin!

1. Add a stroke of guacamole in the middle of the wrap together with some of the lettuce.

2. Bake the (deveined) prawns in a very hot frying pan for just a few minutes and add the spices your heart tummy desires.

3. Add a few pieces of the smoked salmon on top of the lettuce.

4. Once the prawns had the chance to cool off a bit, add them next to each other on top of the smoked salmon. If wanted, add some sweet and sour sauce. This combo really gives a surprisingly amazing taste. So trust my, just try it.

5. Gently roll up the wrap.

6. Do the same steps as above but replace the guacamole with the salsa and add a few slices of avocado. (You’ll be amazed how superb avocado combined with smoked salmon tastes.)

Adding a few toothpicks will make it easier to cut them up into small pieces, as everything stays in its place and it’s easy for eating them afterwards. Such a little thing and so much power.

7. That’s it. Now you eat, be amazed, drool a bit and eat some more. And for those non-wrap lovers: come over to dark side.

the result

Can I get a nyomnyom?!

Are you a wrap lover (I’m I the only one laughing a bit now?) or do you hate those things? Let me know in a comments below.