Can someone remember when Sushi became popular? I still feel like we all woke up one day and all these sushi restaurants were suddenly there. Out of the blur, eating sushi became an instant trend in our Western culture. It’s only logical that making it yourself was the next thing meant to happen.

Many of you might remember that I bought a bunch of stuff to make Sushi yourself for my boyfriend’s birthday. (I know, best girlfriend in the world!) So last week we got our hands ‘dirty’, and I have to say, we kinda rocked it!

What you need

• Sushi rice (duh!)
• Vegetables of your choice (we’ve used paprika, cucumber, courgette and some carrots)
• Soja sauce
• Ginger
• Wasabi
• Sushi Nori
• Bamboo mat
• Little bowl filled with water


• Fish (we went for salmon and fried shrimp)
• Dried onions
• Sesame seeds
• Sweet omelette


Let’s begin!

1. Allow me to skip the obvious and get right to business (and by the obvious I mean: cooking rice, cutting vegetables, prepping the fish and frying the shrimp)


2. Lay down a sheet of Nori on the bamboo mat and add a couple of spoons filled with rice. Stay away from the edges a bit if you’re still a n00by like we were (to avoid an unnecessary mess). Leave about 2-3 cm blank at the top.


3. Press on the rice so you get a nice flat surface. To do this, make the top of your fingers wet so you don’t end up with way too much rice sticking on your fingers.


4. Add some vegetables, egg, whatever you like. Position this on top of your rice in the middle of your Nori sheet. Feel free to also add some olive oil or your favourite sauce at this point.


5. Now start rolling. Put some pressure on the bamboo mat so the rice can nicely attach to the vegetables and the Nori sheet.


6. Repeat the last couple of steps a few times. Obviously, you can change the content for each roll. You’ll see on the picture below that we also added some salmon and fried shrimp.


7. When all your rolls are made, gently cut it into pieces of about 2cm. Again, make the sides of your knife wet so you can cut through the sticky rice smoothly.


You should end up with something like this. (Yum yum, who else is drooling a bit?!)


With the leftovers of your fish, shrimp and vegetables, feel free to make a nice looking plate to spoil yourself. Looks pretty great, doesn’t it?!


Have you tried making Sushi yourself?

By the way. I think it’s Samantha from Sex and The City who added Sushi to the Foody map! Remember this?!