Morning loves! It seems like forever since my last #lovelife post, while the truth is that I actually have so much to share. Time to catch up a little and show some of those little, yet meaningful and fun moments of the past few months. And like always, food pictures are part of the deal. So go and have something to eat first. You don’t wanna scroll down on an empty stomach.

Long brunches with a mix of healthy stuff and guilty pleasures • Baking sweets! • Breakfast @ Fin de Faim in Ghent
The first outfit of the year with sun on my face!  •  Essentials for our trip to London
Our spontaneous decision to finally book a week to New York! and pancakes with fruit. #bestdayever 

Experimenting in the kitchen #nosugar #noflour
My new favorite skirt  •  Sunday afternoon break
First time trying a fig! • My love and I in front of the Big Ben • Our über awesome new lamp of The Oak Men

What was you favorite moment of the past few weeks? Was it the first day of spring? Those fresh flowers in your home, that dinner with friends or finally feeling better again after laying in bed being sick for days. Love to hear so feel free to leave a comment below.

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