Bonjourno amigos. Time for another round of “my fun moments of the last couple of weeks”. Damn, this sounds like a bad Italian tv quiz. But seriously, I’ve had some pretty awesome days. And obviously some bad. But I’m not gonna bore you with those, it’s a #lovelife post by all means.

The most exciting thing that happened was meeting up with peeps I met during my internship/travel time in South-Africa. During the 3-hour drive (meeting point: Germany!), I’ve actually brainstormed about the new concept of the blog. So that’s how that happened. Talking about turning a road-trip into an ultra-productive thing!

There was also the Zalando Blogger Awards (fun fun fun!) that actually also made me take the jump to the new blog layout/concept. That reminds me… I still need to work on a post about that event!


New blog, up and running! Yay! • Do I need to say more… • Fun with these ladies @ the #zalandobloggerawards
Lazy Sunday, testing the insta-blur and do some reading  •  LUZ, FINALLY! • Homemade pizza, yum! 
Oh boy oh boy, éclairs and strawberries! • Fun in Germany with our South African family • Alpro Soya, I can’t get enough of it

How was your month? Did anything exciting happen?  Was it a calm one? Love to hear!

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